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JBA Headquarters
Organization: John Brown's Army
Location Details

The JBA Headquarters was the main base of operations for John Brown's Army, an American domestic terrorist organization with the stated aim of toppling the U.S. government. It is located in the dockyards of New York City.

There are two different versions of Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Generation 6 and Generation 7), and as such there are two different versions of the JBA Headquarters. While the purpose of the headquarters remained the same, the design and floor layout were completely unalike.


The JBA Headquarters is a warehouse located in the dockyards of New York City, and has been heavily retrofitted to satisfy the needs of the JBA. The warehouse is three stories tall, with two more stories located below ground level. It hosts a medical ward, a cafeteria, a lounge area, a shooting range, sleeping areas, and numerous offices. It is heated by a large boiler room, which also doubles as a crematorium for those JBA members killed during their terrorist activities. The warehouse hosts several labs that suit several purposes, including Enrica Villablanca's personal research lab, a computer lab, and an underground zone for testing chemical weapons. The warehouse hosts private rooms for JBA ringleaders Carson Moss, Stanley Dayton, Jamie Washington, Enrica, and the JBA's leader, Emile Dufraisne. On the warehouse rooftop is a large radio tower, which is guarded at all times.

Another feature in the JBA Headquarters is the mine assembly room, which assembles land mines for use in car bombings and other JBA attacks. By the shooting range there is an elaborate obstacle course that contains laser beams, traps, among other things to test JBA members for strength and stamina. Finally, there is the interrogation room, where the JBA interrogates and subsequently executes its prisoners.

Most of the doors in the JBA Headquarters are voice-activated, and are authorized for only certain members of the JBA. Those who attempt to pass without the proper voice commands are likely to set off the base alarms.


The JBA Headquarters was acquired and established prior to 2007, and due to its casual appearance, it was largely ignored by NYC authorities. After escaping from the Ellsworth Penitentiary in Kansas along with JBA operative Jamie Washington, Fisher was brought to the JBA Headquarters to begin his training and initiation into the organization. Unbeknownst to the JBA, Fisher was a double agent working on behalf of Third Echelon, and thus spied on the network while posing as a loyal associate of the JBA.

It was from the JBA Headquarters that the Red Mercury conspiracy was overseen, as part of the JBA's latest plan to overthrow the American government. The JBA conducted numerous operations worldwide in order to obtain the means to successfully deploy explosives laden with Red Mercury for use as makeshift nuclear weapons against North American targets. It was at the JBA Headquarters that the actual bombs were to be assembled.

During Sam's tenure with the JBA, the network finally implemented its plans for the destruction of New York City, which they hoped would cripple the U.S. and the government. During this time, Third Echelon Coordinator Irving Lambert was captured on the premises trying to contact Sam, and was thus interrogated and tortured. Sam was ordered by Dufraisne to execute Lambert, only to shoot Jamie Washington instead. Fisher then infiltrated the lower levels of the HQ to discover that Dufraisne intended to detonate the bomb from within the facility, an act that would kill him and the entire JBA. Fortunately, Fisher pursued Dufraisne and killed him before stopping the detonation, saving New York City from destruction.

Once the bomb was deactivated, the NYPD stormed the compound and killed or arrested any remaining JBA operatives, effectively disabling the organization's operational abilities.


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