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Iron Dragon
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Mission Details

Iron Dragon is a mission.

Briefing Text Edit

"Welcome to T'bilisi, gentleman - I hope you got some shuteye on the flight from Bragg, because now that we're here we have a lot of work to do."

"Here's the situation: We've been deployed at the request of the Georgian goverenment to help them deal with rebels on their Russian border. Our area of operations will be the South Ossetian Autonomous region-1500 square miles of small villages and rugged back country. The Ossetians have been skirmishing with the Georgian army for years, but lately the attacks have escalated to the verge of all-out war. Washington thinks that the Russians have engineered the current flare up as an excuse to step in and annex the whole region. Our job is to cut the legs of the revolution before that can happen."

"Our first mission is a raid on a rebel base in the Caucusus Mountains. A rebel leader named Bakur Papashvilli has been attacking army convoys across the Terek River. You'll need to take out his guard posts first, then hit his main camp. You'll find Papashvilli in the caves at the top of the hill where he's set up a command center. Take him alive if you can, but remember that he won't surrender unless all his guards are eliminated."

Walkthrough Edit

Keep moving forward until you see three men. Fire upon them until the drop dead.Keep moving foward until you see a hill leading up to higher ground. Another hill will lead to even higher ground.Keep going foward until somebody fires on you or one of your team mates fires. There will be a small enemy scout consisting of two enemy troops. Keep going foward until you see enemy tents.Neutralize the camps six occupants. Go west, if you are not sure which way you are going press the left trigger and look for a green highlighted circle.Go up to the Northern most yellow square. Then take out the five guards guarding the cave. Explore the caves to capture Papashvilli.Go back the way you came to reach the extraction point.

Objectives Edit

  1. Clear out the tent camp.
  2. Secure the caves.
  3. Reach extraction zone.
  4. Capture Papashvilli (optional).

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