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Hugo Lacerda
Organization: The People's Voice

Personnal Details

Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1972
Place of Birth: El Salvador
Date of Death: June 24, 2007
Place of Death: The Maria Narcissa, along the Peruvian Coast
Height: 5' 9" (176 cm)
Weight: 128 lbs (58 kg)

Hugo Lacerda is the leader of the People's Voice.

Professional BackgroundEdit

Hugo Lacerda has been associated over the years with a number of separatist, guerrilla, and revolutionary groups in South and Central America. Recent intelligence indicates that he may have formed his own movement and has been advocating the use of information warfare techniques as the only feasible way for revolution to succeed in the modern world.[1]

By 2007, Lacerda had founded the People's Voice, a pro-communist guerrilla organization in Peru. Lacerda sought to promote communist interests in South America through the means of information warfare, and also supported various other guerrilla groups through the exchange of weapons. Lacerda resorted to all means at his disposal to acquire information warfare techniques, and had numerous contacts throughout South America to support his cause.

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