Hendley Associates
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Faction: United States 
Status: Active
Base: (Currently)

(Formerly)West Odenton, Maryland

Leader: Gerald Hendley
Motto: White Side Operations for The Campus

Hendley Associates is an organization in the Tom Clancy thriller novel The Teeth of the Tiger.

The company's CEO is former Democratic U.S. senator from South Carolina, Gerald Hendley. To the public, Hendley Associates is a trader in stocks, bonds, and international currencies, though, it does little in the way of public business and is not known to have any clients. In actuality, the company is a privately funded intelligence service nicknamed The Campus. It was set up to combat terrorism on an extremely covert level.

Located in the fictional suburban Maryland town of West Odenton on a direct line of sight from the NSA headquarters and the CIA headquarters, The Campus is regularly provided with the encryption equipment that enables it to intercept and decipher communications between the two agencies. As a financial trading company, Hendley Associates does some of its business anonymously through foreign banks, all of which like having large cash accounts, and none of which are overly fastidious about where the money comes from, so long as it is not overtly dirty. It is just another way of keeping outside the system.

The Campus (black side) also uses the intercepted communications to aid in making a profit. When the NSA does something such as pay attention to what the big domestic and foreign banks are doing, Hendley Associates, the white side, take advantage of the SIGINT they gather and cross-deck to the CIA. This gives Hendley's currency-trading troops the best sort of insider information, which enables the company to make a ton of long-term money without anybody really noticing. It does that by not attracting investors.

Hendley Associates operates out of a mid-rise office building of government-undistinguished architecture. It is nine stories high with a capacious front lawn. The building itself is unusual only in one thing: except for a few old tobacco barns that barely exceed twenty-five feet in height, it is the only building higher than two stories that sits on a direct line of sight from the National Security Agency located at Fort Meade, Maryland, and the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency at Langley, Virginia. In fact, it is the only building taller than a private residence on the sight line from the NSA to the CIA. Some other entrepreneurs had wished to build on that sight line, but zoning approval had never been granted, for many reasons, all of them false. Three other office buildings were planned for the area, and all were denied construction permits.

Behind the building is a small antenna farm. A half-dozen six-meter parabolic dishes sit inside a twelve-foot-high, razor-wire-crowned cyclone fence enclosure and point at various commercial communications satellites. The entire complex comprises fifteen and a third acres in Maryland's Howard County.