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H.A.W.X. 2
H.A.W.X 2
Video Game
Genre: Arcade Flight, Combat Flight Simulator
Series: H.A.W.X Series
Platform: Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Release date: September 3rd, 2010 (Main version)
November 9, 2010 (Wii version)
Developer: Ubisoft Romania
Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
Status: Post-Release

H.A.W.X 2 is an arcade-style flight simulator developed by Ubisoft Romania. The game is a direct sequel to H.A.W.X. The game was announced in May 2010 and was released on September 3rd, 2010.


The story starts with David Crenshaw of H.A.W.X. Squadron conduct a routine patrol of the area around Prince Faisal Air Base in the Middle East. However, while landing, the base is destroyed by cruise missiles and Crenshaw is shot down and subsequently captured by insurgents. Meanwhile Russian forces are fighting of separatists in the North Caucasus. The Russian forces are ordered to retreat, however in the mayhem the separatists captured three nuclear warheads.

The Americans then get a lead as to Crenshaw's location and then stage a daring mission supported by an AC-130U Spooky and Ghost Recon team to get Crenshaw to USS Marshall where he treated his wounds. The H.A.W.X team then fights in the Indian Ocean as a large oil complex is captured by insurgents. Meanwhile, Spetzgruppa Medved stages a mission deep into enemy territory to recover the nuclear weapons, however they only find two of the three. After that one of the warheads goes off at Russia's largest oil refinery, crippling the country and leading to a military coup, which ousts the President and replaces him with another. It is then discovered that the last warhead is heading for Cape Town to be detonated. Thanks to a Russian defector, the H.A.W.X team finds out and stops the bomb from going off.

Because of the oil refinery being destroyed Russia captures Norway and attempts to do the same in the North Sea, however the Royal Navy stops them in a battle over the sea, followed by another in a Norwegian Fjord. The H.A.W.X team then provides air support for the Ghosts in Moscow as they capture the ultranationalist President. The general and his forces then retreat to nearby Kamchatka where they captured a nuclear missile base. The H.A.W.X team then lead an attack on the base in F-22s, providing air support to take out tanks as well as aircraft. Simms then goes to try and take out the command bunker, when he is hit by orbital laser array which the general has control over. Hunter then has to take out all the nuclear missiles while avoiding the lasers. Walters then goes to take out the command bunker, but is shot down by the laser as well. Hunter then has to fly through the open door and fly along a tunnel to take out the command bunker with his cannon. After this he flies out the other end and the Russian uprising by the general is over.


Maj. Alex Hunter - New pilot to the HAWX Squadron and main playable character. He is the only remaining HAWX pilot that can fly. (6th playable character)

  • Goliath (AC-130 gun deck)
  • Viper 2-1
  • Reaper 1-1
  • Firebird 1-5
  • Mustang 3 (NPC)
  • Viper 3-1
  • Raider 5-5
  • Striker 3

Col. David Crenshaw - HAWX Squadron acting Commanding officer and former senior HAWX pilot, until shotdown then confined to duties on ground. He gives HAWX squadron mission updates and objectives.(1st playable character, but later NPC)

  • Gunsling 2-6 (Playable)
  • Searider (Command)
  • Fastball (Command)
  • Bullseye (Command)

LtCol. Simms - Temporary HAWX Flight Leader. (KIA)

  • Fulback (Command)
  • Watch Tower (AWACS, Maj. Walters call him Thunderbolt at the start)
  • Dagger Lead
  • Firebird Lead
  • Mustang Lead
  • Regal (AWACS)
  • Raider Lead
  • Striker Lead

Maj. Rebecca Walters - HAWX Pilot . She is the AC-130 pilot in the mission 'Rescue'. (KIA)

  • Goliath (AC-130)
  • Dagger 2
  • Firebird 1-4
  • Mustand 2
  • Falcon (Osprey)
  • Raider 5-1
  • Striker 2

Lt. Colin Munro - New pilot to the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm. (2nd playable character)

  • Polaris 4
  • Sabre 3
  • Neptune 3

Cpt. Dimitri Ivanovich - Russian Pilot. Sokov serves alongside Denisov in Medved, but defects with Wolfhound and becomes a temporary member of the HAWX squadron. (3rd playable character, but later NPC)

  • Fighter 828
  • Medved 612
  • Medved 301

Agent Stephan Drachev - A Russian Vororn Agent that assists the US in the Middle East and reveals General Morgunov's plans to Sokov and the West. He also kills Faridi in Africa.

  • Wolfhound (Ground agent)

Aleksandr Treskayev - Ultra-Nationalist leader, ousts former president Anton Karskazev while being supported by General Morgunov. Detonated nuclear warhead in Romashkino Oil Fields.

President Anton Karzkazev - Loyalist leader and Russian president, replaced by Aleksandr Treskayev but returned to office and the games end.

Gen. Morgunov - Russian Air Force General who, supported by a "mysterious organization", takes over Moscow with Treskayev. Perishing in the end when Alex Hunter destroys a nuke in the command bunker killing Morgunov. He forms Spetsgruppa Medved as an Air Force special operation unit to fight the separatists. He gives the Medved squadron mission updates and objectives. (KIA).

  • Medved (Command)

Col. Denisov - Spetzgruppa Medved ace pilot and formerly Sokov's flight lead. Killed in action when shot down by Hunter. He flies a MiG-29A. (KIA).

  • Fighter 801
  • Medved 611

Faridi - Supplier to the Separatists and Insurgents. Killed by Wolf hound with help by Alex Hunter. (KIA).

Cdr. Dennis Gates - Munro's Commanding officer. He gives the FAA squadron mission updates and objectives.

  • Bulldog (Command)
  • Citadel (Command, only in opening vid, changes to Overlord)
  • Tempest (Command)

Thorpe - Munro's FAA squadron leader.

  • Sabre Lead
  • Neptune Lead

Unknown USAF UAV operator - Operates the uav in the mission to locate Crenshaw. (4th playable character)

  • 2-7 (MQ-26B) UAV)

Prince Faisal Air Base units

  • Col. Avery - Commanding officer of H.A.W.X. Squadron but is killed in the fist mission by the cruise missile attack. He is only mentioned twice in the game and never makes an appearance personally. First when Simms says 'The CO (Avery) is in surgery right now and the XO is dead' and when Crenshaw states 'With Col. Avery dead it's up to me to lead HAWX squadron.' This means that Avery died from his wounds during his time in hospital. (KIA)
  • Tower controller - Gives Crenshaw mission updates and objectives. (Possible WIA or KIA)
  • Shortstop (Command)

UAV operator - Alerts Shortstop to a suspicious convoy in the area. Also the first character to speak in the game.

  • Echo 4

Copperhead Squadron - Two AH-64 Apaches that patrol the perimeter of the base.

  • Copperhead 1-1 (KIA)
  • Copperhead 1-2


  1. UAV
  2. AC-130
  3. MIG-15
  4. MiG-23
  5. MiG-25
  6. MiG-31
  7. MiG-29
  8. SU-27
  9. SU-37
  10. SU-25
  11. SU-30MKI
  12. SU-34
  13. SU-35BM
  14. SU-T50
  15. MiG-1.44
  16. SU-47
  17. F-16C
  18. FA-18E
  19. F-2
  20. A-10
  21. F-15C
  22. EF-111
  23. F-35
  24. F-22A
  25. F-14A
  26. F-117
  27. EA-6B
  28. EF-2000
  29. Mirage F1
  30. Saab Gripen
  31. Mirage IV
  32. Harrier GR-9
  33. Rafale M
  34. Mirage 2000-5

Extra modesEdit

  • Multiplayer
  • Survival-Play alone or cooperatively against increasing waves of enemies.
  • Arcade-Play the campaign missions with extra twists.

Exclusive OffersEdit

Around August 13th, 2010 Ubisoft sent emails out to their subscribers informing them that if they pre-ordered H.A.W.X 2 from they would be able to buy the game for only $49.99 USD. People who pre-ordered from also got an exclusive camouflage pack for the F-15.

Wii versionEdit

The Nintendo Wii version takes place between the two games and features a story of the fight between the H.A.W.X. squadron and the PMC DDI led by Colonel Frank "Rainmaker" Ostreger.


  • Campaign
  • Minigame-Players can play a side-scroller during the credits.
  • Top Scroller-Play a scrolling game.
  • Survival-Play against increasing enemy waves.
  • Chaser-Play as Chaser, the Peregrine Falcon.
  • Arena-Play against the other pilots in the game.


  • Major Zeal (Curtis Bowman)
  • Colonel "Rainmaker"-Frank Ostreger
  • Arrow-Cole Bowman
  • Dagger-Alexander Bowman
  • Sonnet-Kelsa Townsend
  • Twister-Tak Sakai


The song "No One Said This Would Be Easy" by the Florida indie band The Postmarkers plays after every mission.

8-bit gameEdit


Own the skies with your piloting skills and support Ghost Recon troops in our 8-bit H.A.W.X game - H.A.W.X - The 8-bit game. Master five different aircraft and Eastern European terrain to become an elite H.A.W.X pilot. Play and unlock exclusive content for Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X 2.

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