Faction: European Federation
Organization: EFEC
Unit Details
Status: Active

The Grenadiers is an unit of the EFEC organization. They are effective against All armored and air units when in cover or garrisoned but vunerable to riflemen and all units when not in cover or garrisoned.

Overview Edit

Grenadiers in the European Enforcer Corps are highly educated, extremely intelligent, and very well equipped. What sets the EFEC apart from the SGB and JSF is their deployment of non-lethal weaponry and use of ballistic shields. The mentality of the Enforcer Corps is to accomplish the mission, if they can avoid any unnecessary killing, so much the better. Because of the high requirements for EFEC Grenadiers, many members are a bit older than the average soldier serving in the European Federation's armed services.

Tech commentary Edit

Instead of a light machinegun, one soldier in every unit of Enforcer Corps Grenadiers carries a long-range, wide-area, non-lethal taser weapon which is attached to a ballistic shield. The Grenadiers also have access to a millimeter-wave Active Denial System. This device won't kill its targets, but works well as a suppression device. Plus, if the situation calls for it, any enemy forces disabled by the taser or ADS can be taken out with lethal force by riflemen equipped with conventional firearms. The comms system, body armor, and other high-tech components of EFEC Infantry gear is the result of blending French and German next-generation infantry technology. The predecessor to this gear was first issued in 2004 and the systems and weapons used have been continuously updated and improved since then. It is widely accepted that the body armor worn by Grenadiers in the Enforcer Corps is the best-designed body armor in the world as far as comfort and usability are concerned but provides slightly less protection than armor used by the SGB and JSF.

EFEC Engineers are also armed with the German-manufactured MP12 sub machinegun which is chambered in 4.6mm and designed to be effective against body armor. However, the small size of the 4.6mm round limits its "knock down" power. For armored threats, EFEC Grenadiers can deploy the MILANA-2, an advanced anti-armor shoulder-launched missile.

Specifications Edit

Primary armament Milana-2 missle launcher, MP12 4.6MM Sub machine gun

Special features Can take advantage of cover, garrison buildings, can capture uplink points.

Picture GalleryEdit

Sources Edit

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