Ghost Recon Commander
Video Game
Genre: Turn-based shooter
Series: Ghost Recon
Platform: PC
Release date: June 2012
Publisher: Ubisoft
Status: Released, shutdown

Ghost Recon Commander is a free-to-play game on Facebook launched in June 2012.


Players choose their character from one of three classes: Assault, Specialist, or Recon. It is a turn-based overhead game using a point-and-click system. Players have a variety of weapons and gadgets at their disposal and can customize their Base Camp with structures and decorations.


Around the time of the Raven's Rock coup, Nicaraguan leader Raphael Rivera has turned from democratic President to dictator, and The Ghosts are deployed to aid and abet a fledging Rebellion and prevent the use of a WMD. The Ghosts eventually confront and kill Rivera in his own mansion, protected by his Elite Guard.



  • On November 7, 2012, it was announced that the game would shut down at the end of the year and the development team had been laid off.
  • Two more missions were planned but not implemented before the shutdown.

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