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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Ghost Recon Future Soldier Cover
Video Game
Genre: Third Person/Tactical Shooter
Series: Ghost Recon
Platform: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii
Release date: *NA: 5/22/2012
  • PAL 5/22/2012
  • UL 5/24/2012
Publisher: Ubisoft
Status: Released

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is the fifth installment in the Ghost Recon series (excluding expansion games and offshoots). The title is rated MA+15. The game was originally due to be released during the third quarter of 2010, but was later pushed back to the beginning of 2011, then finally pushed back to second quarter of 2012. There have been three DLC packs released.

In early 2012 a live-action short film titled Ghost Recon: Alpha was released to promote Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.


Ghost Recon: Future Soldier opens with a four-man Ghost Team call-signed "Predator", led by Joe Ramirez, deployed in Nicaragua to disrupt weapons trafficking in the region. Upon inspection of the convoy vehicles, a dirty bomb is remotely detonated, killing the team. Investigating the cause and tracking down the source of the bomb is tasked to another Ghost team call-signed "Hunter", consisting of Ghost Leader Captain Cedric Ferguson, Staff Sergeant John Kozak, Master Sergeant Robert "Pepper" Bonifacio, and Sergeant First Class Jimmy "30K" Ellison. The team ships out under the supervision of Major Scott Mitchell.

Mitchell informs the team of their new mission to rescue an arms dealer named Paez in Bolivia who has information about where the bomb came from.[1] The team rescues Paez and then proceeds to follow the trail of guns from Zambia where they eliminate a local warlord, then to Nigeria, Pakistan, Norway, and finally into Russia, where the team destroys an arms shipment at an airport, causing an international incident.

Some time later, a nuclear missile fired from Russia impacts London, but the nuclear warhead is eliminated at the last minute by the US Missile Shield. The launch is traced to a rogue Russian Special Forces group known as Raven's Rock in Dagestan, whose primary goal is to destabilize the world with their weapons trafficking. The team is ordered into Dagestan to rescue a Georgian Special Forces unit who went to investigate the launch site. During the rescue operation, the team is ambushed by Russian Spetsnaz that have access to high-tech equipment on the same level as the Ghosts, and it is later revealed that these soldiers are part of Russia's elite "Bodark" unit, which have sided with Raven's Rock.

A coup has been staged and Raven's Rock is now in charge of the majority of Russia—the only major city in European Russia they not in charge of is Saint Petersburg, and the loyalist Russian forces opposing the new government are scattered around the country. The Ghost team then heads to northern Russia to secure some drilling ships so that the loyalist Russian forces can have a steady flow of oil. After accomplishing this, the team is assigned to rescue a loyalist general who is seen as the leader of the resistance. After destroying the artillery that was attacking the General's forces, the team is pinned down by overwhelming Russian forces, until air support from HAWX Squadron arrives and eliminate all opposition. Next, Kozak, one of the team members, is tasked with a solo operation to rescue the Russian President from a prison in Siberia. Kozak is successful, and then the team protects the President in his return to Moscow, and eliminates a Raven's Rock General. The Raven's Rock forces are overthrown and the crisis ends.

While everyone else is celebrating, the team receives intelligence on the location of the seven other leaders of Raven's Rock, which orchestrated the whole crisis. The team is sent in on a clandestine operation to eliminate the seven. After eliminating six of the seven, the team chases the last member, code-named "Ace", to a train station, where they wound him. The wounded Ace taunts the team that they will not kill him because the American government will stop them. Just before they are about to execute him, Major Mitchell calls them off, stating that Ace is to be kept alive and brought back to America, that the orders came "from the top", and that they are "not to touch" Ace. At that point a train comes, and Ace, who is wounded on the tracks, calls for the team to save him, reminding them that their orders were to keep him alive. Ferguson corrects him, saying that that their orders were not to touch him, as the team leaves Ace to be run over by the train.

Raven Strike DLCEdit

Following the mission in Georgia, the Ghosts are deployed to help a loyalist Russian General. They steal a Russian command train, and then to cover their tracks, they kill four Bodark leaders.

Believe in Ghosts miniseriesEdit

"Mac" Machowicz hosted a three-part miniseries titled "Believe in Ghosts". Here Machowicz looks at elements in the game and compares them to real life operations performed by special forces.

Episode listEdit

# Title Original airdate Operation Video
1 "The Deadly Edge" February 2, 2012 Maersk Alabama hijacking Episode 1
2 "My Weapon Is Me" March 7, 2012 Operation Neptune Spear Episode 2
3 "Team or Die" March 14, 2012 Operation Acid Gambit Episode 3

Downloadable contentEdit

Since the release of Future Soldier, three DLC packs have been released. Each pack increases the level cap for the multiplayer characters.

Arctic StrikeEdit

Arctic Strike adds three new maps, a Guerrilla mode map, new achievements, and a new multiplayer mode: Stockade.

Raven StrikeEdit

Raven Strike adds three new single-player missions, new achievements, and another Guerrilla map.

Khyber StrikeEdit

Khyber Strike adds three new maps, a Guerrilla mode map, new achievements, and a new multiplayer mode: Takeover.

Ghost Recon: AlphaEdit

In the short movie Ghost Recon: Alpha, which is a prequel to the game, a Ghost team (consisting of Pepper, 30k, Chuck, and an unnamed Ghost Leader) was trying to secure a RSM-56 Bulava nuclear warhead. While trying to disarm the warhead, Chuck was shot in the head. Eventually the remaining Ghosts managed to fight off the attacking force, but the warhead was airlifted by a helicopter belonging to an unknown faction. The short movie ends with a view of London set in the time period of the videogame.

Known InformationEdit

There is an extremely high probability that the game will utilize realistic graphics rather than cell shading. It has been confirmed that there will be classes within all modes of play. The live action trailer hints at more action than previous installments which may mean the series is going toe-to-toe with "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" and "Battlefield 3". A new addition to the series is the new Shoulder-Mounted Rocket Launcher, which now provides portable means of dealing with heavy vehicles.


  1. The latest trailer has revealed several things. Firstly there are mechs and a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher that are capable of destroying a tank. Secondly active camouflage and the Barrett sniper rifle will be in game as well. Within the trailer users also see several small combat drones that are used by both the Ghosts and their enemies. How players will control these is still unknown, or if players will even have control of them.
Future Soldier E3 201000:00

Future Soldier E3 2010

--Note: All of the aforementioned proved to be false. There are no "mechs" except in one mission, shoulder-mounted rocket launchers, exo-skeletons, or active camouflage being able to be used while walking. However, the active camouflage will engage when still and there is a controllable drone in one mission.

  1. There has been a "documentary" trailer released that features a voice-over by the Ghost Lead.
  1. Another trailer had a voice-over by Scott Mitchell.

Multiplayer BetaEdit

People who pre-ordered Splinter Cell: Conviction, released April 13th, 2010 for Xbox 360 from participating Gamestop locations will receive a bonus code that can be redeemed over Conviction's main menu for access to the multiplayer beta for Future Soldier. No information has been released regarding how many maps, characters/classes or weapons users will be allowed to use.

The beta was released in early 2012 and featured two maps and the available classes.

E3 2010 PreviewEdit

Actual gameplay was shown at E3 2010 for the first time. The player starts out on the beach off the Northern European Coast, with the objective of capturing a high-priority target. The video shows many different aspects of the game such as the active camouflage. While using the active camouflage players have the ability to advance without being seen and sneak past patrolling guards, however, it was indicated that there will be NPC's that have the ability to use thermal vision goggles to spot players. A new feature added to the game that was seen in the video is a close-quarter-combat of sorts when allows players to engage a miniature cutscene when skillfully taking out an enemy. These kills were shown to be based more on the use of the players weapon than actual hand-to-hand combat.

That version was eventually scrapped and replaced with a less futuristic campaign.


  • The game was originally going to be titled Ghost Recon: Predator instead of Future Soldier. There had also been plans for the game to simply be titled "Ghost Recon 4". It wasn't until December of 2009 when Ubisoft decided to trademark "Future Soldier" that question started to be asked. Ghost Recon: Predator was released exclusively for the PSP in November 2010.
  • This is the first Ghost Recon Game that has a 4 player campaign.

See AlsoEdit


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