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Ghost Recon
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
Video Game
Series: Ghost Recon
Platform: PC, PlayStation 2, X Box
Status: Post-Release
This is a common title. For other uses see, Ghost Recon (Disambig).

Ghost Recon is a video game.


Russian ultranationilists seize power. Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan all slipped back under Soviet control. After Gold Mountain the country of Georgia falls to invading Russian forces. In Paper Angel and Zebra Straw the Russians are invading Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia.

Gameplay Edit

Each soldier is assigned into a class, either a rifleman, support, demolitionist, or sniper. Each class is given a weapon kit, composed of a primary weapon (either a sniper rifle, assault rifle or machine gun), and a secondary item (a pistol, grenades, extra ammo, etc.)

The three difficulties are Recruit, Veteran, and Elite. Recruit reduces the number and threat of enemies within the mission, and gives unlimited ammo for the primary weapon. Elite increases the number, and makes them dangerous.

The campaign contains a number of specialists, which are initially unavailable but can be recruited if you complete the optional objective in the missions. However, a specialist is not replaced by a new recruit if killed.





Gametypes in Quick MissionEdit


In the Xbox version, the dossier shows how good you are at completing certain objectives. You have to complete a certain number of tasks, 50 tasks in total, to rank up. Here is a list of the tasks and what you unlock


  • 1.Complete the optional objective in Iron Dragon : Capture Papashvilli
  • 1.W.Jacobs for quick mission.
  • 2.Complete the optional objective in Eager Smoke : Use Demolitons to destroy the remains of an F-18.
  • 2.N.Tunney for quick mission.
  • 3.Complete the optional objective in Stone Bell:
  • 4.Complete the optional objective in Black Needle:
  • 5.Complete the optional objective in Gold Mountain:
  • 6.Complete the optional objective in Witch Fire:
  • 7.Complete the optional objective in Paper Angel: Eliminate the Russian camp on the bank of the river.
  • 7.G.Ozsadze for quick mission.
  • 8.Complete the optional objective in Zebra Straw: Protect the tank. *8.L.Cohen for quick mission.

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