Rods from God

The Freedom Star is a controversial orbital military platform in space that appears in the game EndWar. The space station is has been owned by the United States of America, that will upset the balance of world power. The European Federation withdraws from NATO in protest.

Freedom Star Plot Edit

The militarization of space reaches its peak in 2018, when the United States of America reveals plans to launch the Freedom Star space station into high orbit by 2020, in an effort to regain its position as the premier world superpower. While partly designed for civilian research purposes, the station will also house three companies of U.S. Marines, who can deploy anywhere on Earth within 90 minutes. International reaction is extremely negative, to say the least. The E.F. and Russia in particular despise the development, seeing it as a way the U.S. could use to neutralize their portion of anti-ballistic defenses and upset the balance of power. The E.F. withdraw from the already divided NATO in protest. [1]

Rods from God Edit

Around the same time the European Federation unveiled its orbital directed energy weapon satellite, the United States made its kinetic energy strike satellite public. This weapon launches high-density kinetic projectiles from space. These projectiles have no explosives inside, but are rocket-assisted for guidance. They speed towards the Earth at around 6 miles a second. When one of these "rods" impacts the surface it releases a massive amount of energy. The resulting blast is roughly the same as a very small nuclear device. [2]

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