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Frances Coen
Unknown female
Faction: United States of America
Organization: National Security Agency
Division: Third Echelon
Unit: Field Runner, "Splinter Cell" program
Class: Field Runner/Field Liaison
Professional Details
Status: Active
Based: Maryland, USA / currently in Japan

Personnal Details

Gender: Female
Date of Birth: April 28, 1976
Place of Birth: Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A

Frances Coen was Sam Fisher's field runner for Third Echelon during the Georgian Information Crisis and the Indonesian Crisis, who is now their field liaison stationed in Japan.

Professional Background Edit

Frances Coen was first introduced in the first Splinter Cell game[1] and appears again in Pandora Tomorrow[2]. She is a field runner for Third Echelon and was initially the replacement for Sam's good friend and old field runner Vernon Wilkes Jr. who was killed in a shootout with Russian mercenaries in the first game. Her primary duties involve delivering Fisher into the mission area as well as extracting him after the mission is complete. She also provides good-humored banter with Fisher in the game's between-mission cutscenes. She seems to be one of the people Sam gets along with quite a bit.

Coen was mentioned briefly in Chaos Theory[3], where she had been monitoring the activities of a Yakuza organization known as the Red Nishin. When Fisher is asked to tap telephone lines in a Japanese bathhouse to aid Coen in this, he replies, "For Frances...of course I can".

In the book Operation Barracuda[4], Sam resents being forced to work with Frances and is against the field runner program entirely.[5]

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