F-4G Advanced Wild Weasels are fighter aircraft which are modified for their mission: suppress enemy air defenses.

TECHNICAL NOTES: Armament: Various combinations of AGM-45 Shrike, AGM-88 HARM and AGM-65 Maverick missiles; also AIM-7F Sparrows and/or AIM-9L Sidewinder air-to-air missiles for self-protection Engines: Two General Electric J79-GE-17A of 17,900 lbs. thrust each with afterburner Maximum speed: 1,430 mph Cruising speed: 571 mph Range: 1,978 statute miles Ceiling: 59,000 ft. Span: 38 ft. 7.5 in. Length: 63 ft. 0 in. Height: 16 ft. 5.5 in. Weight: 61,795 lbs. maximum

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