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F-15E Strike Eagle
F-15E flares
Manufacturer: Boeing IDS
Organization: United States Air Force
Vehicle Details
Armament: Built-in M61 Vulcan, 24,000 lbs of ordnance
Height: 18'9"
Length: 63'9"
Weight: 28,000 lbs (12,700 kg)-44,500 lbs (20,200 kg)
Crew: 2
Speed: 1,875 mph - 3016 km/h (Mach 2.5)

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The F-15E Strike Eagle is a multirole strike fighter developed from the famous F-15 Eagle air superiority fighter. It is featured in the video games EndWar and HAWX, and also in some of Tom Clancy's books.Though it is primarily used for air-strikes, it is more capable of defending itself against enemy fighters. A very fast war machine, having top speeds of 1,875 mph (Mach 2.5), it can carry almost anything in the United States Air Force arsenal. It's used by the US, Saudi Arabia, Israel, South Korea and Singapore. However, the primary user of this aircraft is the United States Air Force, with 19 squadrons operating the aircraft. A replacement is being developed, though the last F-15Es will be phased out in 2030.


F-15E in the aircraft selection screen in HAWX.

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