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European Federation Enforcer Corps
EFEC Logo - Smaller
Faction: European Federation
Division Details
Status: Active
Leader: Amadou de Bankole
Motto: Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

Quote1 Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum


The European Federation is a new superpower, founded in 2018 to consolidate political and economic power in the face of the world energy crises and accelerating security and environmental concerns around the globe. What else there was that caused them to be left so alienated from their strongly tied alliance with the US, eventually turning into the dissolution of NATO, is unclear. Though it was publicized as an evolution of the European Union, demanding admission criteria disenfranchised all but the wealthiest nations of Europe. The UK and Ireland declined membership (instead joining the New Commonwealth), as did Switzerland (fiercely neutral).

Consummate professionals, the European Federation Enforcer Corps is made up of veteran elite counter-terrorist and peacekeeping forces from throughout Europe. Calm and precise, these highly-trained and experienced soldiers are especially skilled in urban warfare. They excel in electronic warfare as well as advanced directed energy weapons technology, and have the fastest battlefield vehicles. The Enforcer Corps also have access to the world's best "less than lethal" weaponry.[1]




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