At present, there is no military of the European Union, as the European integration has not developed very far in the area of defence. There have however been a number of defence initiatives, peacekeeping operations and organisations established in the context of the European Union (EU). The actual defence of the Union is the domain of individual Member States. Currently, closest to what can be called European Union military, is the rapid deployment force called European Union Battlegroups.

An early attempt to integrate the militaries of Western Europe, was the failed 1952 European Defence Community. But since then many politicians, including Guy Verhofstadt, Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy, promised to create a European military. As 24 of the 27 EU member states are also members of NATO, some EU states cooperate on defense policy (collective security) albeit primarily through NATO rather than through the EU or aligned group (such as the Western European Union). However, the memberships of the EU, WEU, and NATO are distinct, and some EU member states are constitutionally committed to remain neutral on defence issues. Several of the new EU member states were formerly members of the Warsaw Pact.

Tom Clancy's EndwarEdit


As by 2020 the European Federation had been establised, there was a European Federation Army which during WWIII, saw significant action against their American and Russian counterparts. Certain units also fought against Forgotten Army terrorists at the Battles of Istra and Rozenburg respectively, alongside EFEC forces. During the "WWIII" missions, EFA infantry deploy in large numbers at the start of battles and proceed to occupy various positions throughout the battlefield. However, as the battles progress, most if not all are killed by a combination of enemy regulars and elite troops. They do not attempt to capture uplinks and once in position, will not move or seek cover even if fired upon. Such troops can also be deployed by the player as the Force Recon mission support. When used, EFA Riflemen, Fast Attack Vehicles and Tanks will deploy to the desired location. Once again, the will not move and cannot be controlled by the player.


Since the EFA play a minor role in the game, they're never talked about in game. As to how they're organised, there are two main possibilities. The may be organised along the same lines as the EFEC, that is, troops from all over the EF serving in mixed units. They may also be organised geographically, meaning the EFA may have French units, Spanish units etc.


  • Infantry, specifically rifleman armed with FAMAS assault rifles. Infanty wear blue/grey BDU and PASGT helmets
  • Eagle FAVs
  • Leopard 2 tanks
  • Marines (non canon) Although never alluded to in the game, Force Recon forces from the base of Copenhaugen could possibly be marines as Copenhaugen appears to be a naval base. If this is the case, such units would not be part of EFA (they would be either part of the Navy or an armed force in their own right) unless they were modeled on the modern day French Troupes de Marines, which are a part of the French Army.


EFA units are markedly inferior to their Enforcer Corps counterparts. They have less health, no shields and their weapons do less damage and have a shorter range. However, it is possible for them to defeat elite units. For example, EFA riflemen will defeat JSF and SGB combat engineers, tanks will destroy enemy transports and do damage against elite riflemen and combat engineers and FAVs will cause damage to weaker units i.e infantry and gunships.

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