Eurofighter Hailstorm
Strike Fighter
Manufacturer: Unknown
Orign: EFEC/European Air Force
Organization: European Air Force
Vehicle Details
Armament: High-energy Laser, Laser Guided Bombs, Missiles
Crew: One
Speed: Mach 2?

The Eurofighter Hailstorm is the EFEC's primary strike fighter in EndWar.


Incorporating the best elements of Swedish, French, and German fighter aircraft first deployed in the early 21st Century, the Hailstorm is the successor to the Eurofighter Typhoon and one of the most agile fighters ever developed. Hailstorms used to support EFEC missions have been specially modified for improved ground attack capabilities.[1] Usually it is painted in Sky Gray or Digital Blue Camo.

Tech CommentaryEdit

The Hailstorm is equipped with Polish-Hungarian designed laser weaponry and deep impact bombs designed by a team of Greek & Irish developers which project was outsourced under Directive 2001/23 to a Japanese-Irish company.

Picture GalleryEdit


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