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This article is about a video game.

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EndWar is a common title. For other uses see, EndWar (Disambig).
Video Game
Genre: Real-Time Tactics
Platform: Windows, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP
Release date: November 4, 2008 (NA)
November 8, 2008 (EU)
Developer: Ubisoft Shanghai
Publisher: Ubisoft
Status: Post-Release

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Tom Clancy's EndWar is a real-time strategy game designed by Ubisoft Shanghai for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows platforms. PlayStation Portable version is turn-based instead of real-time like their console counterparts. It was released on November 4, 2008 in North America and November 7, 2008 in Europe. A Windows version was released Q1 2009.


The story of this game begins in the year 2016, when terrorists in the middle east manages to obtain a nuclear weapon and used it in Saudi Arabia which not only causes 6 million deaths but also cripples most of the western world's oil supply. In response both the United States and Europe have gathered and came up with a space weapon system known as the "Space, Land, Air Missile Shield" (or SLAMS) which puts an end to Nuclear Warfare. With oil and gas prices reaching all time records, the western world turns to Russia that is now the world's only leading country to supply oil and natural gas. With that, Russia spends it's newfound funds on a huge military and arms buildup since that Cold War. Two years later, NATO has dissolved and the European union officially becomes the European Federation, this new superpower possesses a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and population greater than that of the United States of America, with the birth of the Federation the smaller European countries (E.G. The Balkans, most of Scandanavia and Eastern Europe) collapsed, through politics and some spoaradic fighting Russia conquers these countries and calls them their own. The United States however is in competition with the EF in the space weapons program, they're constructing their own space weapon platform which is known as the "Freedom Star", with this the 3 superpowers of the world are in turmoil and it's only a matter of time that all-out war will break out.


Prelude to WarEdit

The Prelude to War takes before World War III and explains how the conflict began.

On March 23, 2020, European Federation (EF) uplink sites in the "lawless zone," where Croatia used to be, are attacked by an as-yet unidentified group of terrorists, who are equipped with T-80s, from a beached cargo ship. They are repulsed by EF Enforcers Corps (EFEC) forces. During the battle, the EF attempts to gain access to the cargo ship that the terrorists use but the ship is destroyed before they can gain access. Details of the attack are kept secret. On April 4, 2020, when the final module of the Freedom Star is set to launch from Kennedy Space Center amid international outcry, the same group of terrorists attack the module and attempt to destroy it, using the same methods as the Croatian attack. Once again they are repulsed by the United States Joint Strike Force (JSF) as reports of yet another terrorist attack come in, this time of an assault on the Rozenburg petrol plant in The Netherlands. After being defeated by EFEC forces, the terrorists identify themselves as the "Forgotten Army " comprised of people from a collection of failed states in the Balkans, Africa and South America. Following a final terrorist attack, this time on a Russian power plant near Minsk, the US finds "conclusive evidence" that the European Federation's defense minister, François Pulain, funded the Forgotten Army with modern military equipment. They send a black-ops team to abduct him while he inspects the Copenhagen uplink network, but an anonymous call by Russia informs Danish police and together with EFEC forces trap the team in one of the uplinks. On April 7, 2020, The US crashes Copenhagen's uplinks and sends in JSF units to rescue the trapped team. The US successfully repels the EFEC's first attack, but European forces are able to counter-attack and reboot Copenhagen's uplinks in their favor, forcing JSF forces to surrender and allowed US safe passage back. While emergency peace talks are held in London, it is revealed (to the player only) that Russia funded the Forgotten Army's attacks as well as planting the evidence against Pulain, citing the need to keep the EF and the US from uniting in order to take Russia's oil. To ensure that war is sparked between the two powers, elements of the Spetsnaz Guard Brigade (SGB) embark on a covert operation to upload a virus into the European SLAMS network at Rovaniemi air base in Finland. The virus causes an E.F orbital laser satellite to shoot down the new Freedom Star module during lift off, thinking it to be an ICBM. The entire crew is killed, and news reports blaming problems from from "Malfunction" to "Terrorist Hijacking" to (finally) "E.F. Satellite." This final act starts a war between the two powers. Russia initially joins the U.S under the guise of "aiding it in its crusade against Europe" and invades E.F. controlled Poland, but the United States sees this as an attempt to reform the Eastern Bloc and attacks Russia. World War 3 has begun.

World War IIIEdit

The unthinkable happens in 2016. Nuclear terrorism in the Middle East kills 20 million people and cripples the world's oil supply. Crude oil prices spike at $800 a barrel.

One year later, the threat of world-wide nuclear war is eliminated when the United States and Europe deploy a comprehensive space-based anti-ballistic missile shield. Russia soon follows with an advanced missile defense system of its own. Intercontinental ballistic missiles are rendered obsolete.

Russia becomes the world's primary supplier of energy and experiences a massive economic boom. With its newfound riches, Russia quickly re-establishes itself as a major superpower and restores her military might.

Western Europe, with the notable exception of the UK and Ireland, unifies to create the European Federation. This new nation is destined to be a formidable 21st-century superpower. The UK and Ireland form the New Commonwealth

In 2020, the United States is on the verge of finishing construction on the Freedom Star, a controversial orbital military platform that will upset the balance of world power. The European Federation withdraws from NATO in protest.

Tensions between the European Federation, the United States, and Russia are building and will soon reach the breaking point. On the day of the Freedom Star's launch, the orbital missile defense system mistakes the ship for a weapon and fires it's orbital laser, destroying the Freedom Star. War erupts as each side take action on each other, beginning World War III.


The Missions in EndWar.

Prelude to WarEdit

Choosing a SideEdit


the easy way to win the opfor tropy/achievement

OpFor requires you win WWIII as all 3 Factions. Can be quite hard to do and time consuming.
1. Always remember to start a new game and do Prelude To War after finishing as one Faction on Hardcore. Not doing so will cost you a trophy!
2. Stay away from capitals! Unless you are up for punishment.
3. Only do Raid missions where you defend if possible.
Doing so will cause you to be promoted by default. The AI will have at least a 2 rank advantage against you! If you follow this tip the highest you will get is a Rank 2 whereas the AI will be no more then a Rank 3. Assuming you win all missions. Promotions are nice and give you some fancy firepower, but the AI gets the same firepower if not better.
When I did the Russian Faction I did not follow this tip and I was always up against between a Rank 10 and Rank 12 AI, and they are tough.
5. Do Conquest missions at all times if possible:
a. Just spawn Riflemen and start grabbing uplinks until you set off Defcon. Then spawn Gunships and attack any Artillery and/or opposing riflemen/engineers.
The object is to protect you captured uplinks at all costs and keep the AI from taking any.
6. If you think you are going to loose just quite the game before it saves. When you start the game again you will be left at the exact point you left at. If not you will loose territory and will have to regain it back before you get to the last point you lost at.

Hopes this helps.



Sample of Gameplay
EFEC under attack03:29

EFEC under attack

Xbox 360


Joint Strike Force Joint Strike Force
Once strong allies with Europe, the U.S. has broken ranks following the dissolution of NATO and the formation of the European Federation. The two superpowers are now locked in a costly and controversial military space race. This rivalry builds to a crescendo when the U.S. prepares to launch the Freedom Star, a huge military space station that Europe suspects could be used to neutralize its missile shield satellites.

An evolution of today's Marine Expeditionary Units, the Joint Strike Force is known for their integration of air and ground combat capabilities. Epitomizing the saying, high speed, low drag, these elite soldiers excel in precision firepower and can rapidly deploy anywhere in the world. Moreover, their stealth technology and the accuracy of their weapons are second-to-none.

European Federation Enforcer Corps 664 ENDW Faction Logo EEC
The European Federation is a new superpower, founded in 2018 to consolidate political and economic power in the face of the world energy crisis and accelerating security and environmental concerns around the globe. Though publicized as an evolution of the European Union, demanding admission criteria disenfranchised all but the wealthiest nations of Europe. The UK and Ireland declined membership (instead joining the New Commonwealth), as did Switzerland (fiercely neutral as always).

Consummate professionals, the European Federation Enforcer Corps is made up of veteran elite counter-terrorist and peacekeeping forces from throughout Europe. Calm and precise, these highly-trained and experienced soldiers are especially skilled in urban warfare. They excel in electronic warfare as well as advanced directed energy weapons technology, and have the fastest battlefield vehicles. The Enforcer Corps also have access to the world's best "less than lethal" weaponry.

Spetsnaz Guard Brigade Spetsnaz Guard Brigade
The world's number one supplier of oil and natural gas since the 2016 nuclear war in the Middle East, the Russian Federation has experienced an economic boom of epic proportions. It has used its newfound riches to build up its military to levels beyond the Cold War and is once again a true superpower in the world arena. Soldier for soldier, no force on the planet can match the Spetsnaz Guard Brigades in terms of raw, brute force. Hardened veterans of Russia's many regional conflicts, these troopers are a highly effective, determined, and deadly force. The Spetsnaz tend to focus on heavy weapons and heavy armor, and often ingeniously modify standard-issue equipment to suit their needs, resulting in vehicles bristling with bolted-on weaponry the original designer never dreamed of including.


Scott J. Mitchell 200px
Lieutenant General Scott Mitchell was the leader of Ghost Team Alpha but his rather "non-traditional career pathing" led to him being assigned as the Commanding Officer of the Joint Strike Force. He leads by example and believes that respect is earned and whatever job one does, one should do it to the best of one's abilities, and he applies that philosophy to soldiering.

Alice Dennison

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David Becerra

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Amadou de bankole portrait Amadou de Bankole

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Ilaria Cimino

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Nathalie Pérreau

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Sergei Izotov Sergei Izotov

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Alexei Noskov

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Vsevolod V. Kapalkin

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Command VehiclesEdit




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Utility HelicoptersEdit

Cargo HelicoptersEdit

Fighter JetsEdit


Downloadable ContentEdit

Faction's Elite PackEdit

Factions Elite Pack Screen

Faction's Elite Pack Screen.

Faction elite pack is a downloadable content pack released by Ubisoft. Featuring three new battalions (one per faction) and six new upgrades (two per faction). These new elite battalions include the legendary JSF 15th Special Operations Battalion, the Spetsnaz Alpha Brigade, and the Enforcer Corps Battlegroup 1. The exclusive unit upgrades include Ceramic Armor for the Spetnaz Guard Brigade and Caseless Ammunition for The European Federation's Gunships.

Veteran Map PackEdit

Veteran map pack is a free downloadable content piece released by Ubisoft. It contains two maps for skirmish mode. New missions include the assault on Russia's Cosmodrome and the conquest of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in Richton, Mississippi, USA.

Escalation Expansion PackEdit

The Escalation Pack includes four new exclusive missions on all new battlefields playable in skirmish mode and three exclusive unit upgrades. The new missions include the Siege of the Kursk Firebase (Ukraine), the Assault on Devon beach (England), the Raid on Rota naval base (Spain) and the Conquest of Dorsey Knob (USA, West Virginia). It will also introduce three new unit upgrades and 10 new achievements and trophies to unlock.

Xbox Live ContentEdit

There are items available in the Xbox Live Marketplace such as avatar items, gamer pictures as well as themes. Below you can see the item, a brief description as well as how many Microsoft Points are needed for the purchase. These items can either be downloaded directly from the Xbox Live Marketplace or from, they will then begin downloading the next time the Xbox Live account is activated on an Xbox 360.

Items Details MS Points
EFEC Theme Pack Themes for the Xbox 360 Dashboard. 150 Points
EFEC Gamer Pictures Pack Gamer Pictures for Xbox 360 accounts. 160 Points
Joint Strike Force Theme Pack Themes for the Xbox 360 Dashboard. 50 Points
Joint Strike Force Gamer Pictures Pack Gamer Pictures for Xbox 360 accounts. N/A
Spetsnaz Guard Brigade Themes Themes for the Xbox 360 Dashboard. 50 Points
Spetsnaz Guard Brigade Gamer Pics Gamer Pictures for Xbox 360 accounts. 160 Points
Walkthrough - Conquest A video walkthrough with tips on how to beat the conquest game mode. 80 Points
Walkthrough - Basics A video walkthrough with tips on the basics of combat. 80 Points
Walkthrough - Raid A video walkthrough with tips on how to beat the raid game mode. 80 Points
Walkthrough - Siege A video walkthrough with tips on how to beat the siege game mode. 80 Points
Faction Picture Pack Gamer Pictures for Xbox 360 accounts. 80 Points
Faction Theme A theme for the Xbox 360 dashboard. 50 Points
ENDWAR™ Gamer Pics - 1st look pack Gamer Pictures for Xbox 360 accounts. 80 Points

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