EC 660 Whirlwind
MLunit EUC Osprey
Cargo Helicopter
Orign: European Federation
Corps: EFEC
Vehicle Details
Crew: 2
Passengers: 4 Cargo Spaces

The EC 660 Whirlwind is the EFEC's primary heavy lift cargo Helicopter. It is used in EndWar to deliver tanks, transports, and artillery.


Whether lifting off from a remote airstrip or dropping off supplies and equipment on the battlefield, the immense EC 660 can be relied upon to generate the artificial windstorm that is its namesake. Despite its vast size, the Whirlwind has considerable range. The aircraft is also seen in use by US special forces in the first and seventh H.A.W.X mission, as well a brief appearance during the first mission of H.A.W.X. 2. This may suggest that it was designed jointly by the United States of America and European Federation as a replacement for the aging CH-47 Chinook. Typically it is painted in monotone Sky Gray or Sky Blue Camo

Tech CommentaryEdit

The design is mainly of German and US with additional software from Sweden and a modular maintenance system design from Lithuanian and Czech engineers.

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