Domingo "Ding" Chavez
Faction: NATO
Organization: Rainbow
Unit: Rainbow
Team: Bravo
Class: Tactician
Professional Details
Rank: Major General
Callsign: Six
Armament: 552 Commando
Sidearm: MK.23
Equipment: Fragmentation Grenade

Personnal Details

Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1/12/1969
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA

Domingo "Ding" Chavez (aka "Six") is the director of Rainbow.


Born in Los Angeles, California on January 12, 1968, Domingo was first recruited to be a member of a secret CIA-run anti-drug operation in Colombia in 1989, while he was still a staff sergeant (E-6) in the United States Army. He first met John Clark during this time and has worked with him since. He has at least two advanced degrees and is fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Farsi. He is married to John Clark's daughter, Patricia Clark, and they have a child, John Conor Chavez. He, along with Clark, rescued a Japanese politician who was former prime minister (and later re-elected) in 1994. Soon after the events in the Japanese conflict, Domingo worked again with John Clark in implementing "Plan Blue" (recruitment of law enforcement officers as intelligence officers) in 1996. Clark and Chavez lead multiple operations for President Ryan during this time, some inside Iran. He was later recruited into and became a team leader (with the rank of simulated major) in the multinational counter-terrorist organization RAINBOW in 1999, which defeated several terrorist groups and prevented a bio-terrorist plague. He later became "Six" himself in later years. The position was formerly held by his father-in-law, John Clark.


Ding was formerly part of the 3rd Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment, U.S. 7th Infantry Division, which had the motto, "Ninja! We own the night." In 1994, he carried ninja throwing stars (as a lucky charm). Before his operation in Colombia, he said "We (ninjas) own the night", before he "kills" an "enemy" jungle-warfare instructor. He is then recruited into the CIA's famed Special Activities Division.

Domingo is known to possess at least 3 Intelligence Stars; one issued in 1994 after a successful operation in East Africa, one issued for John Clark and Domingo during the Japanese conflict, as well as one for his ongoing operations carried out in 1996. These awards— given for valor in black operations that officially "never happened" are awarded secretly, and no medals or ribbons are worn: their existence is classified. They are analogous to the U.S. Military's Silver Star, but are much more rare.

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