Dimitri Ivanovich Sokov was a Russian Air Force pilot during the Insurgent Crisis. Originally, he flew a as wingman for Russian Air Force/Spetzgruppa Medved ace pilot Colonel Denisov under the command of General Morgunov and flew for his country to defend his country from the Russian Seperatists. However, after a nuclear weapon extraction in Russia failed when Russian Agent Drachev's transport plane was shot down and the Nevskaya Dam destroyed to cover the nuke from the crashed plane, a nuclear bomb with a 250-megaton warhead exploded in the Romashkino Oil Field, forcing the Western-allied government to be taken by the Russian Ultranationalists. However, during an operation in seperatist territory, Drachev, who survived the Nevskaya flood, contacted Sokov while he was piloting a UAV. During the mission, Sokov learned the truth about Morgunov when Drachev made him trace a call between the seperatists and Morgunov. When Sokov completed the mission, he and Drachev left his base in an unarmed SU-30MKI, and, after an intense canyon flight, rescued by H.A.W.X pilots Simms and Walters with Sokov's plane in critical condition. Then, on the assault on Moscow and the Kremlin, Sokov flew with H.A.W.X under the command of Colonel David Crenshaw and Ghost Squad leader Scott Mitchell against his former commander. However, when Morgunov captured a nuclear missile facility, Sokov deployed with H.A.W.X on one last mission to stop Morgunov once and for all. During the battle to secure air supremacy, he encountered his former flight leader Colonel Denisov, who was shot down by Hunter.


It should be noted that Sokov was the only AI-controlled pilot during the final mission that survived. Simms and Walters died as a result of being struck by Morgunov's orbital satellite lasers.


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