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David Crenshaw
Unknown male
Faction: USA
Organization: H.A.W.X. squadron
Status: W.I.A.
Based: USS Franklin D. Roosevelt
Rank: Colonel

Personnal Details

Gender: Male

Colonel David A. Crenshaw is a former American fighter pilot and the leader of the High Altitude Warfare – Experimental Squadron (H.A.W.X). He was one of the best pilots of the USAF, when he injured his arm after crashing due to a hit of a cruise missile, ending his flying career and became the executive commander of H.A.W.X, giving orders from USS Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Professional BackgroundEdit

Crenshaw was at the very beginning of his career an outstanding pilot, receiving the Honor Graduate from the United States Air Force Academy in 1999. During his starting career in the 16th Fighter Squadron, based on Langley AFB, he made exceptional service in 2001 in Operation Enduring Freedom, where he received the GWoT Service, in 2003 during Operation Iraqi Freedom and in 2005 during Operation Red Arrow, where he received the Bronze Star. In April 2006, Crenshaw was transferred to the High Altitude Warfare-Experimental, made for special operations duties.

In 2014, the H.A.W.X. squadron is disbanded and Crenshaw and his wingmen receive an offer to enter a new PMC called Artemis Global Security, directly from their CEO, Adrian DeWinter, making an offer of a salary of more than the double of the USAF's. He and his team accept the offer and they make operations all over the world and gaining reputation, until the Artemis is contracted by Brazil in 2021, where they are assigned to defend Rio de Janeiro from Las Trinidad, an anti-US alliance PMC formed by the countries on the Northern Brazilian border. Crenshaw and the rest of the Artemis successfully defend Rio de Janeiro, but the United States gave a helping hand to Brazil, lowering the stock drastically. In response to this, the Board of Directors of Artemis ended their contract with Brazil without prior notice and turned their side to Las Trinidad, who was giving a much better offer.

Meanwhile, Crenshaw and his former H.A.W.X. squadron were protecting the USS James Lawrence Carrier Strike Group from a Las Trinidad naval fleet, when Artemis make an ultimatum, ordering the USS James Lawrence to withdraw from Brazilian and Las Trinidad's waters, or they would be attacked by an Artemis naval fleet that left them outnumbered and outgunned. Crenshaw and his wingmen turn against Artemis Global Security and destroyed the Myrmidon and asked to rejoin the H.A.W.X. squadron, which is immediately accepted by the Pentagon. Breaking the Reykjavik Accords, the US President Daniel Sullivan gives Artemis Global Security 48 hours to surrender and give their forces to US military or face a massive retaliatory attack. Responding that their attack on USS James Lawrence Carrier Strike Group within the Reykjavik Accords, with the right of switching sides, the Pentagon assigned the USS James Lawrence to attack the Artemis Operations Center in the Caribbean, where Crenshaw helped actively to disable the early warning radar system and let the bomber squadron to destroy their base. But it was too late, Artemis has destroyed US satellites, and made massive airstrikes or hit-and-run attacks throughout the United States, making the most intensive in Washington DC and Norfolk Naval Base. Crenshaw helped the US Air Force maintain air superiority in Washington and then the H.A.W.X. escorted Air Force One to a safe place. The H.A.W.X. were some of the very few pilots that were able to provide support upon all the miss of communication throughout the country, helping restore the communications in Operation: Iron Arrow in Chicago, destroying a massive jamming source at the heart of the city. Then, he helped the Marines retake Norfolk, but a little too late; Norfolk was a main storage depot for the Atlantic fleet's nuclear weapons, and Artemis managed to take some of the nuclear missiles, and Artemis' CEO made an ultimatum to the US President, giving 24 hours to surrender to their demand or all US cities would be destroyed. Crenshaw helped a Ghost Recon team to retake the Command Uplink Node for the Space, Land, Air Missile Shield, or SLAMS and helped a NASA space shuttle to blast off from Cape Canaveral with astronauts with the objective of restoring the laser satellites.

With the satellites restored, they managed to find the stolen warheads at a decommissioned US Army base in Nevada Desert. Crenshaw provided close air support to the Ranger battalion to retake the nukes before they could be launched and took the entire base. After the base was retooked, they found that Artemis managed to take a nuke to the downtown of Los Angeles. The H.A.W.X. came to there as soon as they could and gave an escort to an AWACS equipped with radiological sensors to find the nuke. Once the nuke was destroyed by Crenshaw, the war was finally over.

Some days later, thanks for the Third Echelon, they found DeWinter and the Board of Director of Artemis Global Security's position. Crenshaw was sent in a black operation to kill DeWinter, with success.

Prior to October 2021, he shot down his best friend Jerry Slaten, who was flying for a PMC.

Achieved the rank of Colonel in H.A.W.X. 2, Crenshaw injured his arm at the end of an observation flight, where he finds himself looking at his base (Prince Faisal Airbase) is destroyed and his fighter is hit by one of the cruise missiles and crashed on the runway. Crenshaw is later taken as prisoner by the insurgents for interrogation and he is rescued by a Ghost Recon team. With the H.A.W.X. commander died during the attack and Crenshaw unable to fly, he requests to take control of H.A.W.X.'s operations, which is approved, making orders directly from the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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