Darah Dan Doa
Status: Inactive
Leader: Suhadi Sadono

The Darah Dan Doa (Blood and Prayer) a pro-Indonesian militant organization whose aim is to promote Indonesian interests in Southeast Asia.


During the 1980s and 1990s, Indonesia's ally, the United States of America, was worried that Southeast Asia would fall prey to the communist ideals of the Soviet Union and East Asia, thus expanding its sphere of influence deeper into Southeast Asia. The Central Intelligence Agency assigned advisers and U.S. Army units to Indonesia to promote democracy in the country and to train and organize anti-communist guerrilla forces, thus initiating Operation: REDBEARD. Among the many anti-communist cells created was the Darah Dan Doa, Indonesian for Blood and Prayer. The cell started off with only a few dozen members, but as its influence grew, so did its numbers, eventually hosting thousands of guerrilla fighters and becoming one of the largest terrorist organizations in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, American support for the Darah Dan Doa gradually waned and eventually, the United States abandoned its support for Operation: REDBEARD and instead supported East Timor, a former Indonesian territory on the island of Timor. East Timor had declared independence from Indonesia and in the following years, the U.S. promoted democracy in the young nation and even expanded its influence in the region by establishing military bases in the country. The Darah Dan Doa were embittered by the U.S.' betrayal and felt that they had threatened Indonesia's autonomy, and dedicated themselves to fighting American influence in the region.

By 1993, the Darah Dan Doa was led by long-time member Suhadi Sadono. Sadono proved to be an effective guerrilla leader whose patriotism and charisma earned him the loyalty and admiration of his men. By 2006, he was an extraordinarily popular leader who emboldened the DDD and strengthened their anti-American cause.

By 2006, the Darah Dan Doa was deeply involved in the real-life Golden Triangle heroin trade across Southeast Asia. The manufacture and transport of heroin and other narcotics served as a major source of income for the DDD.

2006 Indonesian IncidentEdit

In 2006, the Darah Dan Doa rose back to prominence when on March 28, Sadono personally led an assault on the U.S. Embassy in Dili as part of his plan to retaliate for American interference in crisis in East Timor. The DDD captured dozens of hostages and executed several more, and ransacked the embassy looking for vital intelligence. The embassy was eventually liberated by the Delta Force, but Sadono had America's attention. The U.S. responded with a swift military build up in the region, allowing the DDD to engage in an open war with the United States.

By this point, Sadono had allied himself with rogue CIA Agent Norman Soth who, in spite of the U.S.' withdrawn support for REDBEARD, continued to support Indonesian militias in the hopes of retaliating against the U.S. for supposedly abandoning him in support of East Timor.

The DDD fought the U.S. all across East Timor and within their own borders, but were eventually pushed out of East Timor after a determined U.S. defense. However, Sadono had no intention of surrender, and planned to strike at the Continental United States. Sadono commissioned Soth and his mercenaries to buy a biological agent from Syrian terrorists operation in Jerusalem that came in the form of smallpox, with the intent of spreading disease and fear throughout the U.S. First, Soth raided the Saulnier Cryogenics Laboratory in Paris, France and stole several ND133 storage devices, which were previously used to store frozen brains. Soth then purchased the biological agent and forwarded it to select locations across the United States.

The plan to infect the American populace spawned Sadono's "Pandora Tomorrow" insurance policy. Five separate "pox boxes" were deployed in secure locations around the U.S. Everyday, Sadono would make secure phone calls to the guardians of these pox boxes, delaying the virus release another 24 hours. If he missed a call, or was detained or killed, the virus would be released, unleashing a smallpox pandemic across North America. This effectively prevented the U.S. Army from making any attempt to kill or capture Sadono, allowing Sadono to continue waging his war against the United States.

To further emphasize the threat he posed, Sadono has a separate strain of the smallpox released in Springfield, Texas, initiating the "Springfield Demonstration". The entire city was vaccinated, but several American citizens would die at the hands of the outdated vaccine or of the virus itself.

With Sadono's insurance policy in effect, the DDD launched a counterattack against the U.S. forces in Indonesia, inflicting heavy casualties on the U.S. Army and forcing them back into East Timor. Many Americans were killed or wounded in the campaign, and the DDD steadily regained lost ground. The U.S. involvement in Indonesia proved unpopular across the western world, who felt the U.S. got itself involved in an undeclared war. Sadono's popularity began to spread to the West, alarming Allied forces in the region.

The NSA assigned Third Echelon with the task of crippling Sadono's insurance policy in the hopes of bringing a swift end to his campaign against the West. Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher attacked several DDD camps in an attempt to track down the location of the pox boxes. After extensive investigating, Fisher uncovered the locations and Third Echelon alerted the CIA and Shadownet was deployed to intercept the devices.

The Darah Dan Doa suffered a major setback in its war effort when the U.S. launched a missile strike that demolished their campsite at Kundang, with the stated aim of killing Sadono. Although the attack failed in this sense, it was a serious blow to the DDD.

Shadownet operatives tracked down and located all of the pox boxes, crippling Sadono's "Pandora Tomorrow" insurance policy. Third Echelon seized the opportunity to capture Sadono himself, realizing that simply killing him was liable to lead to the political and media fallout following Georgian President Kombayn Nikoladze's assassination.

Sam Fisher was deployed to the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, where Sadono was determined to be holed up in a television station, intending to promote his anti-American sentiment to the world. Fisher infiltrated the station and linked up with CIA undercover agent Ingrid Karlthson, who was a hostage at the U.S. Embassy who managed to gain Sadono's trust. Karlthson got Fisher close to the studio room where Sadono was filming his broadcast. A firefight ensued when Fisher killed all of Sadono's bodyguards before capturing Sadono himself. Sadono was defiant up until the end, but Fisher successfully extracted the guerrilla leader with the CIA's assistance.

When word of Sadono's capture was broadcast worldwide, the Darah Dan Doa was so badly shaken that it suspended its campaign against the U.S. forces stationed in East Timor. East Timor established full independence from Indonesia without further incident.

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