Cx4 Storm
Cx4 Storm
Manufacturer: Beretta
Users: Italy
Class: Assault Rifle
Weapon Details
Ammunition Type: 4.6x30mm
Magazine Capacity: 25 round clip
Rate of Fire: 700 rpm, Semi, Burst, Full
Optics: 3x
Supressed: optional

The Cx4 Storm is a Submachinegun manufactured by Beretta. In reality, it is chambered for 9x19mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.


Cx4 Storm SDEdit

The Cx4 Storm SD is the supressed model and, in the GRAW series uses 4.6 x 30mmSS(Sub-Sonic) rounds.

Cx4 Storm/XL6Edit

This variant of the Cx4 Storm features the XL6, a 40mm Underbarrel Grenade Launcher.

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