See Project:Templates for collated information on templates.

This is the base category for the Tom Clancy Wiki's templates. Templates should be placed in appropriate sub-categories. Some information on these categories are below, however, see Project:Templates for a combined list with information. For links to the templates see the Subcategories and Pages sections at the bottom of the page.

Article Management Templates:
Article Management Templates are typically used as headers on articles, they are templates such as Stub, Image, Disambig, Cleanup, About and so on.

General wiki templates:
General wiki templates are templates that are used throughout the entire wiki on a large amount of articles.

Image wiki templates:
At least one Image wiki template needs to be used on every image uploaded. These label the images under their correct copyright status. They can be manually placed on images already on the Tom Clancy Wiki or used when originally uploading the image.

Infobox Templates:
Infobox Templates should be used on almost all articles. They are intended to contain a very basic summary of the article for easy and quick viewing. Because the Tom Clancy Wiki encourages users to use these templates as much as possible, they have been kept simple and easy to use.

Navbox Templates:
Navbox Templates are placed at the bottom of articles and usually contain links to other relating articles.

Timer Templates:
Timer Templates are javascript clocks that keep track of both the time remaining until a titles release as well as the length of time a title has already been released. These templates should be placed within an Infobox Template under the "status" section. These templates are primarily for video game, film and novel articles.

Tom Clancy Wiki Templates:
Tom Clancy Wiki Templates are mainly used on important pages such as the Main Page.

User Templates:
User Templates are made for users to place anywhere the wish on their respective user pages. These can include Infobox's, Country Badges and more.


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