Disaster struck in 2014 when Blackhawk 5 was crippled by enemy RPG fire and was brought down. The Ghosts, now cut off from rescue, were forced to defend themselves against a group of heavily-armed and highly-trained mercenaries assisting the rebels. Barely escaping the immediate warzone via Humvee, the vehicle was hunted down and destroyed by a rebel Havoc helicopter, killing both the driver, Private First Class Provenanzo, and incapacitating the Ghosts. The only survivor of the wreck, Mitchell managed to escape aboard Blackhawk 9 with the aid of a friendly Mexican soldier, before providing air support for the American salvage convoy sent to recover Blackhawk 5. Having captured both Lieutenant Josh Rosen (Mitchell's friend and field runner) along with the remains of the helicopter, the rebels attempted to use this victory as a propaganda tool. Unfortunately for the rebels, the Ghosts shut down their attempts at media manipulation by destroying the Blackhawk wreckage (removing the evidence of the American loss), before storming a heavily-defended, mercenary-controlled hacienda to rescue Lieutenant Rosen, weathering a powerful reprisal from mercenary reinforcements before they could be extracted.


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