The Barrett M82 .50 is a sniper rifle designed for long range and anti-material applications.

Barrett M82
Sniper Rifle
Manufacturer: Barrett Firearms Manufacturing
Users: U.S
Weapon Details
Ammunition Type: .50 BMG
Magazine Capacity: 10
Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic
Optics: 6x-12x Magnification
Supressed: No
Length: 57 in.(48 in. M82A1)
Barrel length: 29 in.(20 in. M82A1)
Weight: 30.9 lbs(29.7 lbs M82A1)


Designed in the early 1980's by Ronnie Barrett, the M82 was among the first semi-automatic large caliber rifles in production. Chambering the powerful .50 BMG machinegun round, the M82 has an effective range of 1,800m+ with confirmed kills over 2,400m. Used primarily for anti-material and EOD(Explosive Ordinance Disposal) and anti-material purposes, the M82 can and has been used in the anti-personnel role.

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