BTR-112 Cockroach
Btr112 cockroach endwar
Orign: SGB/Russian Army
Organization: Russian Army
Vehicle Details
Armament: 125mm smoothbore gun, coaxial 7.62mm MG, 27mm AA guns (Optional)
Height: 4.0m
Length: 11.5m
Width: 3.5m
Weight: 60 tons
Crew: 2-3
Passengers: a squad of riflemen or engineers

The BTR-112 Cockroach is Russia's IFV in EndWar.


By 2020, many countries have built Infantry Fighting Vehicles with Anti-Aircraft abilities. However, many of them are either better at being anti-aircraft platforms than transports, or better transports than anti-aircraft platforms. With the Cockroach, the Spetsnaz Guard Brigade has managed to create a nearly perfect balance.[1]

Tech CommentaryEdit

The dual 57mm autocannons used by the BTR-112 Cockroach are anything but new. 57mm guns have been used for anti-aircraft purposes as far back as the 1950's. Pervious vehicles equipped with these cannons were found to be unsatisfactory for AA applications due to their slow rate of fire and poor fire control systems. Not the BTR-112. Its modernized 57mm autocannons are "married" to a state-of-the-art fire control computer and are deadly accurate against low-flying airborne threats. 88mm rockets launchers can also attached to the BTR-112 for added firepower. These are the same rockets that the Ka-65 Howler gunship uses.

Despite its large guns and huge collection of onboard electronics, the BTR-112 can still comfortably carry a full squad of SGB Bears or Wolves. Its size and weight makes the Cockroach a little bit slower, but its heavy armor makes it remarkably tough. The BTR-112 is built on the same chassis as the KV-20 Zhukov and is roughly the same size. Its powerplant is also the same as its artillery-focused counterpart.

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