Artemis Global Security
Artemis insignia
Faction: Independent
Class: Private Military Corporation
Status: Disbanded
Base: Caribbean Islands
Leader: Adrian DeWinter

Artemis Global Security (AGS) is a private military corporation (PMC) in the aerial warfare video game H.A.W.X[1].


What is known about Artemis, just one of thousands of similar sized PMCs, is that they have numerous fleets of experimental naval warships, as well as supplementary but capable air support. They also have enough ground forces capabilities to occupy the US, indicating several military theater's worth of men, backed up with thousands of armored corps filled with APCs, SAMs, AA vehicles, main battle tanks and super heavy tanks. It is believe that they also have their own infantry as well, evidence in Chicago when Major Derrick Wallace tells the approaching ground forces to approach cautiously and "watch for ambushes".


In South America, tensions were increasing. Seeing the weakness of the United States and hoping to break free of their influence and establish their own regional power-bloc, an anti-US alliance PMC known as Las Trinidad launched an invasion of US-friendly Brazil, but was pushed back by Artemis forces hired by the Brazilian government. Shortly after the Las Trinidad attack on Rio de Janeiro is repulsed, the United States officially enters the conflict, taking direct control over the military efforts against Las Trinidad and leaving Artemis increasingly marginalized, weakening the company's fiscal position. Feeling that there is no profit left in serving the United States or Brazil, Artemis' Board of Directors, led by their CEO, Adrian DeWinter, signed a new contract with Las Trinidad, essentially defecting to the anti-US alliance. First, it attacked the U.S.S. James Lawrence carrier strike group, then it launched an enormous mercenary forces against the United States of America itself. As a result, the former HAWX pilots defected back to the US, and the HAWX squadron was reactivated. Their first success after the reactivation was David Crenshaw's role in the bombing of Artemis' Caribbean Operations Center by the United States Air Force bomber squadron.

Invasion of the United StatesEdit

Main Article: 2021 War

Artemis' betrayal, and eventual invasion, of the United States took its leadership completely by surprise, and the company's substantial air, land and sea forces made considerable gains in the first twenty-four hours of the attack, severely damaging the White House and sending the President of the United States fleeing even as their forces occupied several major US cities like Los Angeles and Chicago while disrupting the US military command structure and throwing their forces into chaos. Fortunately, the intervention of the H.A.W.X. pilots helped to turn the tide against Artemis forces. First, the H.A.W.X. squadron escort the President's private plane to safety, then destroy the Artemis jamming stations that had paralysed the US military, allowing them to organize and push the invaders back.

With Washington, D.C. was still in the hands of the US and the President saved, US forces swiftly mobilizing to combat the invaders with the assistance of their allies such as Japan and NATO, the tide had begun to turn against Artemis. However, Adrian DeWinter declared that he had stolen several nuclear weapons, threatened to destroy major US cities unless the President surrendered. Fortunately, the Ghost Special Forces, along with David Crenshaw and the NASA scientists managed to restore the damaged Space, Land, Air Missile Shield and retrieve most of the stolen nukes. In desperation, DeWinter almost detonated one in Los Angeles, California, but the warhead was located and destroyed by Crenshaw before it could be detonated, saving the city. In the end, Artemis is completely destroyed by the US reprisal efforts and Dewinter is killed by Crenshaw when he destroys his secret compound, killing him and his Board of Directors.

With Artemis destroyed, the international community began to process of ensuring that such an event never occurred again, as the war had caused 40,000 civilian casualties in US and illustrated the problems posed by private military companies in stark detail. The United Nations began a crackdown on every single PMC, forcing them to either assume a limited logistical support role for national militaries or be dissolved completely. Never again would global military power be dominated by PMCs.

Known MembersEdit

Adrian DeWinter

Colonel Bruce

Major Talbot

Dragon Two-Six

Former MembersEdit

Captain David A. Crenshaw




  1. H.A.W.X

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