Amadou de Bankole
AmadouDeBankoleEFEC HD Image
Faction: European Federation
Organization: European Army
Corps: EFEC
Professional Details
Status: Active
Rank: Corps General

Personnal Details

Gender: Male

General Amadou de Bankole is the Commander of the European Federation Enforcer Corps.


He's the character who gives orders, motivational speeches and opponent descriptions to his EFEC Colonels. He's presumably from Western Africa, based on his surname and his accent. He often quotes famous European leaders and generals (e.g. Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte).


Between BattlesEdit

  • "The strategic display is updating now. Here are the outcomes from the past week's opperations."
  • "The Strategic display is updating now. Here is what occured."

Doing a good jobEdit

  • "You have conducted your battle well, Colonel."


  • "The Enforcers fought well in America."
  • "We've made progress in America."
  • "We've showed martial prowess on Native Soil."
  • "We were dishonored on Native Soil."
  • "We've won engagements in Eastern Europe."

Gathering TerritoryEdit

  • "We control an air base."
  • "We control an army base."
  • "We've lost control of an air base."
  • "We've lost control of an army base."
  • "Washington is taken. The Americans are forced to vacate the city."
  • "Moscow is taken. What was the Russians is now ours."


  • "Colonel, the war is over and the European Federation is the victor. The torch of our civilization, lit scarcely two years ago, has whethered the tempest of a global conflict, to burn as a solitary beacon of hope for all of mankind - we are the heroes of this new era. Fighting at my side, you have achieved glory! Even perhaps... immortality? For Europa, Colonel! Victory always."


  • When playing the Solo Campaign as the Joint Strike Force or the Spetsnaz Guards Brigade for more than 40 turns, he may become an enemy AI opponent, commanding the elite Battlegroup 1 - Special Warfare.
  • He is an ex-retired elite Colonel who returned to his military career as a Corps General when the European Federation was founded in 2018 (reasons as to how he became a Corps General as a Colonel whilst retired is unknown. It is probably related to the fact that the European Army is new creation, therefore they may have been some sort of non-traditional career path just as Scott Mitchell had when becoming a Lieutenant General. Also, some of the EFEC Colonels who were once members of Rainbow Six were non-commissioned officers and had suddenly all been raised to the rank of Colonel when joining EFEC). He explains this when debriefing the player on one of the Spetsnaz Guards Brigade enemy opponents, Georgi Sokolov.
Quote1 Unfortunately, I never had a chance to fight against him when I retired in 2008.


Picture GalleryEdit


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