Alice Dennison
Faction: USA
Organization: United States Marine Corps
Division: Joint Strike Force
Class: Tactician
Professional Details
Status: Active
Rank: Major

Personnal Details

Gender: Female

Alice Dennison is a character from EndWar.


Alice serves as the Executive and Intelligence Officer for the player if they are a part of the Joint Strike Force. As executive officer, her job is to provide the player with real-time battlefield information. In the book EndWar: The Hunted she is revealed to be a mole, having been raised from birth by the Ganjin in order to infiltrate the Joint Strike Force.



  • "That's a win. Chalk one up for the good guys."

Defeating the Russian SGBEdit

  • "They'll need bigger tanks next time."
  • "Maybe Ivan needs to lay off the vodka."
  • "All of their good soldiers have died in Stalingrad."

Defeating the EFECEdit

  • "That's what happens when you take siestas."
  • "Socialism don't work on a battlefield."
  • 'Take that, Eurotrash."

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