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Alain DuBarry
Faction: European Federation
Organization: European Army
Corps: Enforcer Corps
Battalion: EFEC Battlegroup 10 (Tactical)
Professional Details
Rank: Colonel
Gender: Male

Colonel Alain DuBarry is commander of the EFEC Battlegroup 10 (Tactical) and a former member of Rainbow Six.


Born in Chantilly, France. Alain DuBarry joined the Gendarmerie Nationale in 1990 as an officer in their computer crime division. He was instrumental in thwarting an attempt by a group of Algerian nationals to bring down the French Minitel computer network using a virus spread by telephone switching software in 1994. In 1996, he was recruited by the Groupe d'Intervention Gendarmerie Nationale (GIGN), France's elite counter-terrorist unit, as a specialist in telephony and electronic surveillance. DuBarry is an expert on computers and computer nets as well as more conventional forms of surveillance.

Alain DuBarry is an ex-Rainbow operative who served as the team's computer expert. Although his role in the team was usually intelligence gathering and communications, as a veteran of GIGN's extensive combat training, he was fully qualified to participate in armed operations.

Alain commands the EFEC Battlegroup 10 (Tactical) during the events of EndWar.[1]

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  1. EndWar

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