AMZ-50 Marksman
Artillery-AMZ-50 Marksman-EFEC
Orign: European Federation
Corps: EFEC
Vehicle Details
Armament: 155mm self-loading howitzer, MLRS rocket pods (when upgraded)
Height: 3.9m
Length: 11.1m
Width: 2.6m
Weight: 16 Tons
Crew: 3

The AMZ-50 Marksman is the EFEC's mobile artillery in EndWar. It is probably modeled after Sweden-made Archer FH77 BW L52 Self-Propelled Howitzer.


The AMZ-50 Marksman is a second-generation wheeled howitzer truck. The concept has been used before by Swiss, French, and South African armies and is now fully embraced by the European Federation Enforcer Corps . The Marksman can be deployed rapidly and fits in perfectly with the EFEC's focus on speed over armor. It also has a fully electric engine thanks to its lightweight (when compared to other self-propelled howitzers) chassis. The mobile artillery is usually painted in Urban Blue or Digital Gray Camo.

Tech CommentaryEdit

Mobile artillery support is no good if all the fighting is done by the time it's put into position. The European Enforcer Corps uses the AMZ-50 Marksman self-propelled 6x6 howitzer because when it comes to speed, it is unmatched. No other artillery unit can be moved into position as quickly as the Marksman. The biggest trade-off for this speed is markedly lighter armor. The Marksman uses a Finnish and Slovakian designed 155mm self-loading howitzer. Its fire control system is developed by a German company and is run by a sophisticated Japanese AI program. This system can calculate the location of an enemy unit faster than any other targeting computer in the world. The AMZ-50 can be upgraded to carry dual Grid Smasher rocket pods which add greatly to its hitting power and versatility.

Because wheeled vehicles are lighter than tracked ones, it was no problem for the EFEC to equip the Marksman with a Belgian developed electric engine. Not only that, but a series of generators are linked to the recoil action of the main gun. This means that firing the 155mm howitzer on the AMZ-50 actually helps to recharge its batteries. The Marksman is the only artillery piece in the world which has this system in place.[1]

Picture GalleryEdit


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