AH-80 Blackfoot
AH-85 Blackfoot
Attack Helicopter
Manufacturer: Unknown
Orign: JSF/United States Army
Organization: United States Army
Vehicle Details
Height: 9'9"
Length: 45'3
Width: 18'2
Weight: 11,000 lbs
Crew: 2

The Ah-80 Blackfoot is an attack helicopter used by the US Army.


The AH-80 Blackfoot is a stealthy, highly maneuverable attack helicopter. The AH-80 was developed from a cancelled project, the RAH-66 Comanche, but was revived because of the arms race. It is a very fast helo, and, if neccessary, can attack other helicopters. But, like any other helo, it's vulnerable to transports and garrisoned engineers.

The AH-80 proved its worth in World War III, destroying hundreds of Main Battle Tanks, and again during the 2021 War against Artemis Global Security.

Tech CommentaryEdit

The Blackfoot is a stealthy, highly agile gunship that represents the latest in helicopter design. It is equipped with an advanced fly-by-wire system.

The AH-80's targeting systems are very advanced, too. Earlier designs were connected with the gunner's helmet, but in the AH-80, the targeting system monitors the eyes, making it way more accurate. Once a target is picked out, the 30mm chain gun does the work. The Blackfoot is also equipped with rockets and guided missiles, making it a deadly tank-killing helicopter.

The canard rotor/wing spins but can be fixed to act like a wing. Early pilots were worried by the aircraft's lack of a tail rotor, but after going up in the air, their concerns disappeared. The canard rotor/wing allows the AH-80 to perform an array of aerobatic maneuvers.

Effective AgainstEdit

Tanks, Artillery, Riflemen in the open

Vulnerable ToEdit

Transports, Engineers in cover/garrisoned

See AlsoEdit


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