A-20 Razorback
FIghter-A-20 Razorback-JSF
Orign: United States
Organization: United States Air Force, Joint Strike Force
Class: Strike Fighter
Vehicle Details
Armament: Two 30mm cannons, Laser Guided Bombs, AGM-65 Maverick, AIM-9 Sidewinder
Crew: One
Passengers: None
Speed: Assumed over Mach 2

The A-20 Razorback is a strike fighter used throughout various organizations in the United States.


The A-20 Razorback is essentially an F-22 fighter that has been refitted to enhance survivability as a ground-attack fighter. While the additional armor makes the A-20 less than ideal for dogfighting, it is a highly capable bomber and strike fighter. The A-20, which was probably designed to replace the F-15E Strike Eagle, is also a speedy fighter and possesses a deadly array of weapons and stealth capabilities. This aircraft also features two GAU-8 Avengers above the wings on either side. All of this makes the Razorback handy for attack missions and also a much feared fighter. The fighter features a unique diamond shaped wing design that sweeps forward when it comes into attack a target.

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