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9x19mm and .45 ACP
9x19mm(left) and .45 ACP(right)

Pistol, Submachine Gun Ammunition

Manufacturer: Georg Luger
Origin: Germany
Weapon Details
Date Introduced: 1902
Length: 29.7mm
Weight: Projectile: 115-147gr
Muzzle Velocity: 1,200-1,400fps
Energy: 350-500ft-lbs
9x19mm is a type of pistol ammo.


The 9x19mm Parabellum is a pistol cartridge designed in 1902 by Georg Luger for the Luger semi-automatic pistol. The relatively small cartridge is loaded to higher pressures than many of the popular rounds of the time, such as the .45 ACP (35,000psi vs. 21,000psi). This allows the cartridge to fire a 115 grain projectile at 1,200fps or higher, giving high accuracy and penetrating capability.  

Due in many ways to it's low cost as well as low recoil, the 9mm round has gained tremendous popularity among national militaries and civilian markets alike. Becoming adopted as the NATO standard side arm caliber in the early 1980's along with the U.S. Army Beretta M9, many small framed semi-automatic pistols became available with law-enforcement agencies issuing their officers Glock and Beretta 9mm pistols.

Weapons chambered for this roundEdit

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